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Workshop service

Acceptance Mon-Fri from 08h00-15h30
All prices including VAT - subject to price changes and errors.

Our workshop accepts all vehicle types.

Battery service

Your car's little power station
Have it checked in good time and replaced if necessary. We provide a two-year warranty for a new battery.

Brake service

Have your brakes checked
We replace brake pads and repair used brake systems.

Exhaust service

Exhaust service
Does your car need a new exhaust or muffler?

Licence sticker service

We provide new licence stickers for your car
TÜV approval takes place once a month. AU approval at any time. Please make an appointment!

Oil service

Oil change
We provide well-known oil brands at any time.

Tyre service

Rear wheel spoke alignment, detailed electronic alignment, tyre swapping, tyre changes, storage of existing tyres, sale of new tyres.

Costumer service

Are you due for your annual inspection?
Do you want to have a well-kept service booklet?
We can help you.

Discount weeks

Save on prices without loss of service
Bargain hunters can look out for our constantly changing service offers.

Please note that we must charge parking fees after minor repairs to your vehicle.

Extract from our workshop price list:

Changing and balancing 4 tyres

EUR 60,00 plus material

Electronically balancing 1 tyre

EUR 13,00 plus material

Taking your car through the roadworthy test (without checking)

EUR 25,00 plus material

Adjusting the lights

EUR 7,00 plus material

Rate per hour

EUR 60,00

Click here for our vehicle valet services.

Our General conditions for vehicle repairs can be viewed here.