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Car valet services


Acceptance Mon-Fri from 08h00-19h00
All prices including VAT - subject to price changes and errors.

If you want your car to shine, join us now at our fuel station....

Outside cleaning:

Outsiede wash (automated)

EUR 8,00

Pres-wash (recommended)

EUR 3,00

Wheel rim cleaning

EUR 12,00

Manuel cleaning

EUR 20,50


between EUR 120,00 and EUR 180,00
plus polishing material EUR 15,50

Engine cleaning

EUR 20,50

Undercarriage wash

EUR 20,50

Please note that an engine or undercarriage wash automatically includes an outside wash.

Premium interior cleaning:

Vacuuming the interior, including rear shelf, central console and seats. Subsequent cleaning of windows, dashboard, ashtrays, doors, door lining, rear shelf and central console.

EUR 25,00

Surcharge for boot cleaning & vacuuming

EUR 2,00

Surcharge for cleaning products (leather products, stubborn stains)

EUR 5,00

Please note that we have to charge parking fees once your vehicle has been cleaned.

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