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Parking fees

Weekdays from 08h30-20h30

EUR 1.00 for the first half-hour or part thereof, plus EUR 1.00 for each further half hour or part thereof.
Please note our discounted rates!
The maximum height for a car is 2,05 meters.
Example: parking time

On Sundays and public holidays, whole-day parking is available: EUR 2.00 for the first hour or part thereof and EUR 1.00 for each further hour or part thereof.

For parking between 7.5 and 12 hours, the lump-sum fee is EUR 15.00.
For parking up to a maximum of 24 hours, the fee is EUR 20.00.
This fee of EUR 35.00 applies when you lose your parking ticket!

At night / in the evening (also see cinema tariff)

For parking between the hours of 20h30 and 08h30, you will pay EUR 1.00 for the first hour or part thereof and then a further EUR 1.00 for every hour or part thereof.

Parking for several days

If you should be permanently parked with us for more than 24 hours, a maximum of EUR 15.00 will be calculated for every further 24 hours from the second day onwards.

This means: if you leave your car with us for 2 days, you will pay a maximum of EUR 35.00 for 48 hours, etc.

Please contact us if you require more personal tariff information. Why not pay us a visit.

Payment mode

The parking fee can be paid either at our staffed cash desk or at the parking machine. For amounts in excess of EUR 10.00, EC-card payments are possible. This also applies to Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard and American Express. We accept AAFES-Cards for fuel only.